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6 examples of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life

Artificial Intelligence is present in several applications in people's daily lives. Often we don't even realize when we are using this technology.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the areas within computing, and it seeks to make machines imitate the functioning of human neurons. In addition, in AI, machines can solve problems based on human behavior through algorithms and logical systems.

The idea is that machines are able to learn, deduce and reason as humans do. Thus, the common association of artificial intelligence with a humanoid robot is not correct.

In fact, in the vast majority of cases, AI is just a computer system capable of performing one or more of the tasks mentioned above. Every day people have contact with AI, as we use this technology in our daily lives.

When you do a Google search, use an e-commerce system, or activate facial recognition on your cell phone, you are using Artificial Intelligence.

Understand more about the practical applications of AI in the text below.

1.  Google

Google is a company called AI-first. That is, all its resources use Artificial Intelligence in some way. Through Google, it is possible to search the internet, put your photos in a secure Google Photos cloud, send emails through Gmail, use YouTube (which also belongs to Google) and set the route of your travels with Google Maps.

One of the examples of Google AI is photo storage. Google Photos has a system that is able to recognize the stored images, and the system can find your photos from searches such as “pets”, “parks” and “hugs”.

Another everyday use is automatic text in Gmail when writing an email. On YouTube, the clearest use of AI is in the suggestion of new songs based on the musical tastes presented by the user. Furthermore, the automatic captions feature also happens because Artificial Intelligence is in use.

2.  Electronic Commerce (e-commerce)

In the world of internet sales, Artificial Intelligence is able to help leverage results and analyze in detail what happens on sales pages.

One of the applications of AI in e-commerce is product recommendations. Just like on YouTube, when people are interested in a type of product, the system starts to recommend other similar ones. The recommendation will therefore be different for each consumer.

Large e-commerce companies such as Amazon and eBay provide an image and voice search system. Both systems exist because of Artificial Intelligence and make life easier for consumers when looking for a product.

Finally, one use that makes life a lot easier for online store owners is the use of chatbots for customer service. Simple and common questions are answered by the system, and in case of need, the service is transferred to a human being.

3.  Smart homes

Several movies in the past have illustrated homes with robots helping with cleaning and organization, as well as shopping and even taking care of the kids.

However, today we live in a different reality. In fact, currently, smart homes use Artificial Intelligence more discreetly, assisting in activities that can be automated.

Smart homes use AI in various appliances and parts of the house. It is possible, for example, to ask a virtual assistant to lock the doors, turn on the air conditioning and keep you updated on the news.

In Brazil, the most common services that an Artificial Intelligence system does is to automate lighting, security, and curtain systems.

This market is expanding in Brazil and around the world, and new applications are always emerging to make consumers’ homes smarter.

4.  Facial recognition

Facial recognition systems were developed to identify people through images or videos. Nowadays, facial recognition technology is widely used to unlock cell phones or access mobile applications such as banks.

The Artificial Intelligence of these systems is capable of identifying the presence of faces, in addition to indicating the attributes that this face presents. Some examples are sensing the person’s mood, identifying whether the eyes are open or closed, hair color, and face geometry.

In addition to cell phone use, facial recognition is also used to recognize famous people at events, and to help identify people in rescuing victims of human trafficking.

5.  Customer service

Customer service is one of the most time-consuming activities for companies, and often the questions asked are basic and simple to solve. That’s why the technology of chatbots is so interesting.

With an AI system, companies can develop a written conversation system that analyzes customer information and automatically proceeds with service.

When the chatbot is based on Artificial Intelligence, the robot is able to identify patterns and further improve the service that was already facilitated before.

6.   Financial market

The financial market is very dynamic and millions of data are generated all the time in the stock markets. Today, with AI, there are numerous applications and software that help investors organize finances and investments.

In fact, it is humanly impossible to keep track of all the operations that take place on the stock exchange market, requiring an intelligent system to do so.

As you can see, there are several examples of AI in everyone’s routine. And the presence of Artificial Intelligence in people’s lives tends to grow more and more, as this technology is growing today.

The most interesting thing is that even without actually seeing AI, it is present in the palm of your hand and makes everyone’s lives easier.


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