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9 tips to organize your meetings

9 tips for you to organize your meetings in a practical and agile way

Understand how to organize your meetings in a practical and agile way

How to make daily productive meetings in a practical and uncomplicated way? Meetings are constant, an important factor to organize and align ideas. But how to organize so many meetings with your team and other sectors and people in the company without getting lost and wasting a lot of time to organize everything?

It is not difficult to understand why this phenomenon is so common, given that the most serious problems are complex and difficult to talk about. We need to organize minutes, invite people, define actions and designate them.

Several times we get lost in the subjects discussed in the midst of so many tasks and we need to revisit them in our memory.

This article will show 9 tips to organize your meetings in a practical and agile way.

  1. Planning
    It’s important to plan ahead. Define the subjects, objective, what changes, new approaches and have in hand the purpose of your meeting.
  2. Organization and Preparation
    Know the subject, study the applications and practices, establish a roadmap and understand the time you have available. Which tool will they use? Will you need a visual presentation? What data must be presented?
  3. Select who will attend the meeting
    After defining the theme and organizing your meeting, call the selected participants to the meeting in advance so they can organize themselves with their own agendas. Check how important this person is to the meeting, how involved and interested he is in the subject.
  4. Be punctual
    Start your meeting at the time previously selected and use your time with caution, respecting the time of others involved.
  5. Focus and be objective
    Stay focused with targeted, pre-thought questions to the right people, what contributions this person can help, and how they can leverage toward the goal. Make room for contributions but stay focused on the main topic. People feel more motivated when they feel that their opinion is valued.
  6. Encourage contributions
    It is important that everyone feels free to contribute, encourage these contributions, and value the different opinions. The environment needs to be fair and comfortable.
  7. Make short meetings
    Be careful not to make the subject too tiring, keep meetings short so that big distractions don’t happen.
  8. Organize minutes
    Have a document scheduled to record decisions, ideas, and contributions. This document will also serve to designate actions for participants after the meeting.
  9. Finalization
    Take time to wrap up, reinforce the purpose and the definitions and ideas contributed at the meeting. Also clarify expectations with the topics covered, the respective responsibilities of each one and, if possible, set the date for the next meeting.


See how easy it is to organize your meetings?

If you want even more ease when organizing your own meetings, I recommend a software that does all the items mentioned above and you just need to fill it out.

iMeets is a software from the iPRIMUM platform of the company IndustriALL which aims to facilitate the organization of daily business meetings. The software seeks to understand your greatest demands and transforms them into easy and intuitive actions, from organization to completion, assigning actions to the respective responsible, creating very detailed minutes, and making everything easier and more intuitive.


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