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Engineering, Science, and Data Analysis: What’s the difference?

Data Science, Data Analysis, and Data Engineering, what you need to know about Artificial Intelligence today and how it can affect society.

The terms Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Data Analysis, and Data Engineering are being seen with increasing frequency today.

The reason is directly linked to the connectivity that technology has brought to everyone and the companies’ strategies to understand how the expectations of a certain audience work.

After all, through Artificial Intelligence, it is possible for professionals who work in these areas to be able to draw strategies in the most diverse areas in a company. This is valid for the areas related to Data: Science, Analysis, and Engineering.

Thus, the objectives and companies involved can be very diverse and the public is the most interested one regarding the news and directly involved with the internet.

Therefore, see below what each term means, the differences between them, and how they are inserted in the daily lives of people and companies today.

Data in the modern world

Nowadays, some previously unknown terms are part of people’s daily lives: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Data Analysis, Data Engineering, among others.

Still, there are doubts about the differences between all these terms. However, one thing in common is that all of these areas of technology are based on this information gathering.

Considering this, it is worth noting that Artificial Intelligence is present in many aspects of people’s lives. From cell phones and television sets used at home, to industrial equipment.

This entire system is known as big data, and its objective is to obtain information through the information that is made available in large quantities.

An example of the use of this system are industries, which, before launching a new product on the market, are able to understand customer demands and adapt their production.

For this reason, this great amount of information is more and more present today. And as a result, there are systems and people working to interpret this large amount of data and turn it into useful information and knowledge.

To understand what each area mentioned above does in the industry, follow the topics below.

What is Data Engineering?

Data engineering is the area that takes care of transforming the raw information of a given company.

In other words, all the immense content that arrives in the systems is processed by algorithms by a professional called Data Engineer.

Thus, this type of Engineering works in a complex field to meet the growing demand for information that never stops coming.

And while the related terms using Science, Analysis, and Engineering are somewhat similar, each has a distinct function. And, of course, they intertwine because they are part of the technology in general.

What is Data Science?

Briefly, Data Science is an area that studies different areas within modern society. Among them, we can mention the economy, the financial sector, and people’s lives in general.

Its main function is to obtain patterns from the raw information that has been gathered by the Data Engineer.

Therefore, when comparing this Engineer role with the Analyst and the Scientist, we can see the differences in the work of each one.

This is because the Data Scientist is responsible for identifying the most relevant information that has been collected by the Engineer.

The Data Analyst, on the other hand, works differently. Although this professional also uses the information provided by the Engineer, while the first analyzes actions related to information that has already happened, the second analyzes them and creates strategies for what is to come.

What is Data Analysis?

Data analysis is the compilation of various raw information that was also made available by the Engineer.

The professional in the area works mainly in marketing and sales departments, as they analyze the actions developed through the collected specifics.

This study and analysis bring the main variants and strategies that can be generated for the improvement of a given company.

Therefore, although the Scientist, Analyst, and Engineer have different roles, it is essential that they work together.

And this is important because the entire strategy generated by the team is carried out based on an initial compilation of the material. After all, it is through Artificial Intelligence and systems that connect different areas of a single company that more specific areas are able to perform their work.

Key Differences Between Data Engineering, Data Science, and Data Analysis

  • Engineering: creates the algorithms that collect the raw information of a certain segment;
  • Science: studies several sectors of the company or society, according to the most relevant information collected by the Data Engineer;
  • Analysis: also compiles relevant information for a given sector according to the algorithms that were developed by the Data Engineer;
  • The Analyst analyzes actions that have already taken place while the Data Scientist creates actions and strategies after analyzing the evidence compiled by the Analyst.

As we can see, despite the differences in each of the sectors, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Analysis, and Engineering, all complement each other.

How important is all this?

The great importance of the Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Analysis, Engineering sectors is that they are all connected to technology in order to develop better companies now and in the future.

Especially if we consider that before we had easy access to the internet, the online sales strategies that are so common today did not exist. And even less, operations as precise as those we know today.

All these works have fundamental importance for a society that no longer sees itself without the internet.

As a result, we are constantly undergoing a transformation in the digital world, and all of this is seen with the technology present in most companies today.

And just as all this is important to society, companies are always looking for improvements through Data Science. Being able to achieve this through the study and analysis of professionals who work focused on developing more and more these businesses.

Therefore, exponentially, companies from different sectors use Artificial Intelligence and hire qualified professionals for the necessary actions. Consequently, departments and professionals focused on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Analysis and Engineering are great differentials for companies today.


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