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Systems Integration: How do industries migrate to 4.0?

Understand how the iPRIMUM is the solution for the integration of industrial systems to happen in a positive way in industry 4.0.

The iPRIMUM tool can support you in a simple, fast and integrated way.

In the industrial environment there is a growing need for process stabilization, integration with industrial systems and statistical control of industrial production. So that it is possible to have greater predictability and visibility of what happens in all areas of the factory.

Among all the tools you already have in the industry, such as SAP, PINS and Oracle, it may seem like an impossible challenge to have an integration and managerial visualization of the entire factory. And just to make it all easier, the iPRIMUM tool was created. 

How can iPRIMUM help you integrate with industrial systems?

iPRIMUM is a platform composed of ten modules that seeks to facilitate integration between the areas of operation and maintenance of the industry. With it is possible to have an accurate and simplified management with control of production loss, analysis of production failures and many other functionalities.

Thus, with precise controls, a complete management guided by numbers is made possible. Currently, management based on experience and instinct has run out of space. On the other hand, you need to know exactly where to act and how to prioritize process improvements based on data.

Integration with industrial systems is one of the pillars of Industry 4.0. After all, it is an important support for managers in many aspects, including the statistical control of industrial production.

Through integration with industrial systems and statistical control of industrial production, one can better understand the process step by step. Therefore, applying continuous improvement whenever necessary and guaranteeing process stability. 

What are the iPRIMUM modules and what systems do they integrate with?

All ten iPRIMUM modules were designed with the functionality of industrial plants in mind. Below you will find the modules and their uses:

0. Home: 

Track your main KPIs through configurable and flexible cash management panels, integrated with Power BI.

1. iProduction:

Register, monitor and control the main problems and deviations that impact production losses in your industrial process.

2. iProcess:

Monitor your main control and verification variables integrated with your industrial systems.

3. iFailure: 

Conduct the analysis and management of critical problems from a step-by-step guided SDCA cycle.

4. iMeets: 

Record, track and control meeting minutes and their actions in a simple and friendly way.

5. iLoops: 

Monitor changes in automatic/manual control of industrial equipment.

6. iSafety: 

Record and control your Incidents and Near Accidents while maintaining personal and property security.

7. iRoute: 

Plan and execute your operational and maintenance inspection routes via App/Mobile fully integrated with your Maintenance system (SAP/PM).

8. iReliability: 

Monitor the Reliability, MTTR and MTBF indicators in an integrated online way.

9. iOMNIA: 

Monitor in real time the value of your Kappa of the Digestor with the application of AI and check a forecast of this same variable for the next 4 hours. This functionality can be incorporated into iPRIMUM or purchased separately as a separate product.

Certainly, at this point, you already understood how the integration with industrial systems is fundamental for the better functioning of your industry. 

However, one doubt might be arising: “Do I need to change all my operating systems to have iPRIMUM and make my industry 4.0?” 

And the answer is no! iPRIMUM has the integration functionality with several tools already used in the market, among them: 

  • SAP;
  • PINS;

In addition to the integration with systems such as:

  • ERP;
  • MES;
  • SCADA;
  • PLM.

With this you can have all the benefits of vertical integration. In addition, start or take another step towards Industry 4.0 and optimize your factory. Finally, the stabilization of its processes is advantageous, and it can have the visibility of each one from beginning to end. 

Especially considering that all of this is made available in a simple and intuitive approach. There is no need to hire specialized labor for its use. Your own team, and you too, will be able to follow in real time the indicators of your industry in a didactic way. 

How does iPRIMUM generate results?

iPRIMUM generates results for your industry by integrating with industrial systems at 4 levels:

  1. Control Level;
  2. Production Level;
  3. Operating Level;
  4. Corporate Management Level.

Integration can begin in the factory with the sensing of machines and production lines. This is because the information collected by the sensors is part of the control level. The production level includes monitoring, control and supervision, usually through SCADA. 

At the operational level, there is integration between planning, quality management and efficiency by the MES system. At the corporate management level, there is the ERP to manage orders, planning and processes. 

In addition to using PLM to control product registration at all stages of development. 

Differentials and practical examples:

With iPRIMUM, specific systems used in the steps mentioned above are combined, interconnecting data. Thus making industry information flow between all hierarchical levels quickly and efficiently.

Therefore, it is possible to support data and reduce time for decision making by improving industrial management. In addition to increasing productivity, monitoring the life cycle of machinery and monitoring production in real time. 

Here are some practical examples of positive impact in the industry of integration with industrial systems:

  • ERP + MES: 

It connects corporate management and industrial management, resulting in production schedules aligned with the production carried out in reality;

  • MES + PLM: 

It optimizes the information of materials needed for production without manual analysis susceptible to errors, increasing the speed of each product cycle. 

With this we guarantee the best management in the industry with the transparency that managers need and the agility that the factory requires. Consequently stabilizing processes, integrating systems and with statistical control, allowing data-driven decisions to happen.

Is iPRIMUM going to replace SAP?

The SAP system was developed a few years ago to revolutionize information management within industries. Therefore, it is currently one of the most used tools for this management. 

With the fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, there was also the need for integration not only at the ERP level, but at all levels from the factory to the whole plant management.

So iPRIMUM is not meant to replace SAP, but to integrate it and all other levels of industrial management to provide a single, simple, complete and real-time view of your factory. 

With iPRIMUM you can easily identify and troubleshoot problems. Thus, there is no need for manual data extraction and analysis to get to the solutions. 

Considering all that, iPRIMUM has come to revolutionize information management, just as SAP has done in the past. Now moving towards more and more 4.0 industries. 

Are you ready to bring the transformation of industrial systems integration to your industry?


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